Green Building

Green Building

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Green Building is always been highly appreciated and for the sustainable development.
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Green Building is always been highly appreciated and for the sustainable development.

The green spaces bring us a lot of benefits of Landscape - Green Space - Health and Nature Love.

Our partners provide design services Outdoor Green Wall with space and funds suitable for each purpose. They are experienced in applying modern technology and technology, have implemented large-scale projects such as trade centers, villa projects, 5 star hotels and resorts.

Deploying and tending trees for the project:

- Planning and organizing the project landscape at the request of the investor

- Construction and gardening, propagation of trees for the project

- All plant and flower operations are handled by the project management board and the investor

- To send cadres, engineers and workers with expertise, experience in large-scale projects, nursery construction, project care, technical transfer, field teaching to project management boards.

- Make plans, schedule and records for the whole project

For detail quotation, please Email:, Phone: +84 243 999 7911

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