Buy and Sell – Promotion – Deal Offer

Buy and Sell – Promotion – Deal Offer

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Join Hospitality E-Commerce Platform VHRPRO to introduce your services and requirements.
24.000 VNĐ
Quận/ huyện : Quận Hoàn Kiếm
Tỉnh/ thành : Thành Phố Hà Nội
Số sao : 5

[Buy and Sell – Promotion – Deal Offer] Join Hospitality E-Commerce Platform VHRPRO to introduce your services and requirements: Hotel Promotion, Pre-opening Offer, Tour Packages, Promotion Offer, Air Ticket, and Transportation….

➡️ The fee starts from a cup of egg coffee (24.000VND/1$ a day).


?? Benefit:

  • 24 Hospitality, F&B, Tourism Categories:
    • 100+ sub categories
    • Buy and Sell online through Security payment gateway connecting to over 50 banks
    • Your posting can be shared to our Hospitality LinkedIn Group, Page and network.

?? 1 Minute to share to Hospitality network:

  1. Register as member:
  2. Login and Post your service:
  3. Choose Category and pay the service online.
  4. Share to your social network: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter…

 ?? It is FREE for:

  • Consultants, Freelancers for one introduction post.
  • Hospitality, F&B, Travel Recruiters, Executive Search Companies for management positions.
  • Suppliers for one introduction post.

?? Other fee starts from 24.000VND (1$)/a day
Thank you very much for joining us to build a sustainable hospitality Industry!


➡️ Follow us on LinkedIn: (10.800+ Followers)

➡️ Join our LinkedIn Group: (1700+ members)


VHRPRO reserve the right to delete inediquated information. Quality is our priority, unrelevant posting is removed. Consultants can have opportunities to get vouchers from our network.

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Buy and Sell M&A Promotion Marketing Hotel Travel VHRPRO Tourism Sales Resort Vietnam Air ticket Tour Booking Car Supplier

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VHRPRO and ADSENGER = VADSPRO Advertisting Package for Hospitality and Travel Enterprises for development.

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